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Prosper Trading Academy was founded to elevate your trading success with real education from qualified coaches, with a personal touch. Our expert traders and coaches have 75+ years of experience helping traders maximize their returns and meet their investment goals. Whether you have never traded, or consider yourself an expert, our programs are carefully designed to help grow your skill set in your favorite asset class, while allowing you to easily branch into new and lucrative asset classes. Each trading coach at Prosper Trading Academy has a track record of success and offers a proven approach.

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Scott is the CEO of Prosper and a frequently featured coach on TD Ameritrade with 25 plus years of professional equity and index options experience at the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) and Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) He is a former Vice President/trader for Goldman Sachs and is also a respected market commentator often seen on Bloomberg, Fox Business, CNBC and other major financial networks. Scott graduated with Honors from the University of Illinois Business School and has taught classes both at his alma mater and at the CBOE.

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Charles Moon is our popular coach of penny stocks. Charlie is a patient mentor and he excels at one-on-one coaching, making the most complex concepts sound simple. Prior to joining the ranks of Prosper Trading Academy, Charles was a proprietary equities trader with Great Point Capital LLC.

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Michael Shorr is a veteran derivatives trader of the CME, CBOT, and CBOE. He has broad market knowledge ranging from agricultural to treasury markets which makes him a valuable coach for almost any trader. Michael has also taught options theory classes for a number of years and possesses an entertaining and relatable teaching style which keeps students engaged and prepares them for success.

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