Learn basic and advanced option theory and potentially prepare yourself for uncertainty in the market. Whether it’s time for quarterly earnings reports, trading headlines, or geo-political risk, you can apply this knowledge to any trading strategy.

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Many skilled traders keep coming back to penny stocks because of their potential to deliver unparalleled returns with just a few picks. Learn both basic and advanced systems to minimize risk in our penny stock program. Our penny stock experts deal mostly in short-term strategies with OTC (over-the-counter) stocks.

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Would you like to use short-term options to take a calculated risk that potentially allows traders to make money in both up and down markets? This program will teach you strategies for trading options in a shorter time span, often entering and exiting trades within the same trading day.

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Learn the “nuts and bolts” to trading stock. Get an introduction to stocks, learn about short selling, dividends, and see how they affect the price of the stock. Plus, learn what type of orders you can use to enter and exit the markets, discover automated trading methodologies, and even pick up the fundamentals of trading psychology.

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Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have provided some of the best investment opportunities over the last 10 years. Learn about the different tokens and their use cases, how to determine "best in class" projects from each category of tokens and the fundamentals that drive price reaction and how to couple that with technical analysis to take advantage of the market volatility. We focus on tools to help you navigate this newer asset class and make sound investment decisions.

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Learn about everything it takes to trade and manage options like a hedge fund manager. Whether you're a seasoned trader or just getting started, receive first hand knowledge about finding options trades, execution, determining profit targets and position/risk management. We'll coach you to avoid common mistakes option traders make so you can potentially profit over the long term.

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Foundation Room

Our Foundation Room is a potential wealth of knowledge for all of our traders from beginning novices to seasoned vets. Here you can sharpen your trading acumen by taking things back to the basics or discover overlooked methods that potentially can make you a more consistent trader. The room includes but is not limited to option volatility theory, approach to basic and niche stock trading, trading psychology, and instructions on using our scanners and methodologies to identify market opportunities. Join daily lessons, access our best trading material, and get real-time feedback on any of your trading questions in our Foundation Room.