Charles Moon is our popular coach of penny and momentum stocks. Prior to joining the ranks of Prosper Trading Academy, Charles was a proprietary equities trader with Great Point Capital LLC. It was here that he developed a strong background in technical analysis and active portfolio management, two essential components of penny stock trading.

He was also previously a representative at CME Group, which is the world’s most diverse derivatives marketplace offering the widest range of futures and options products for risk management. His commentary has been featured regularly on a wide variety of financial TV networks like Bloomberg Business, Fox Business, CNBC, CNN, and BNN…

Our momentum stocks program is ideal for anyone who wants to refresh and expand their trading skillset with a comprehensive overview of trading in the markets. In addition, you will gain insight into a healthy trader’s mindset which can make a massive difference in potential returns. Bottom line, this program will give you a strong foundation for growth in any asset class.

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Learn the “nuts and bolts” to trading stocks. Get an introduction to stocks, learn about short selling, dividends, and how they affect the price of the stock, what type of orders you can use to enter and exit the markets, automated trading methodologies and quite a bit about fundamental trading psychology.


Swing trading is a medium-term strategy that traders use to capitalize on the price “swings” of stocks. This tends to work for individuals, versus institutional traders, because the latter are making very large bets on the price of the stock that may take days to complete, and are meant to be held for very long periods of time. Learn how to identify swing trades in up and down markets throughout a variety of different asset classes.

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Learn what trend trading is and how it is different from day trading and long term investing. Discover if you are trend trader, who views things from a technical standpoint, meaning that you make your decisions by what you see and use on the charts.

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Put your skillset to the test in the Momentum Stocks Signal Room where you can watch and participate in live trades alongside Charles Moon. This room focuses on long plays and following more long-term market trends.

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Get Charlie’s Million Dollar Trading Patterns Training where he’ll reveal everything you need to take advantage of events that will impact the market most. In this two-hour training, Charlie will show you his million dollar trading patterns and teach you exactly how to use them.

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