Mike Patton took the leap into the markets beginning as a commodities broker in 2005, where he was responsible for identifying trading opportunities and executing trades on behalf of clients. Starting in 2014 Mike became a successful prop trader for not one, but two proprietary trading firms. Shortly after this run and spending years as a broker, he made the jump to education by joining the team here at Prosper Trading Academy.

Mike prides himself as a coach who teaches people how to succeed as traders by not only mastering trading techniques, but most importantly understanding the underlying psychology of trading and effectively managing their portfolios.

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Biotech stocks are a unique niche of the market where many stocks have the potential to double overnight with a sudden press release or shift in investor sentiment. While risks are inherent in biotech stocks, our program prepares you to profit by providing you with the knowledge to spot lucrative opportunities and the tools to effectively manage your risk.


The Biotech Live Signal Trading Room is one of the newest additions to Prosper Trading Academy. Here, you can practice trading this niche market in a room focused solely on the fast-moving Biotech industry. Learn how to spot high-potential opportunities using a combination of technical analysis and research live with Mike Patton.

The live signal room runs Monday through Friday 7:30am to 1:30pm.

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