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    December 7, 2018

    Wild Ride

    The Wild Ride in the markets not only continued this week but became even more volatile!  What’s more, the intra-moves are also a wild ride – not just the closing price. In today’s video, we discuss this action and where the market may go next.

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    December 3, 2018

    G20, Part 2

    In today’s video, we discuss the impact of the meeting between the US and China at the G20 summit on the markets.  There was neither a kumbaya moment nor an acrimonious and contentious meeting. The politicians did what they’re best at: They punted or kicked the can down the road.  

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    November 30, 2018


    This weekend is an important G20 meeting in Argentina. This is a meeting of 19 individual countries and the EU, where they discuss the promotion of international financial stability.  This weekend’s meeting, however, will take on more significance than normal because of the meeting between Trump and Xi. Will they make a trade deal, or […]

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